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The Perfect Age

I am no “spring chicken” … I’m not old either. I believe I am the perfect age. Right now, this very minute, I am glad to be who I am and where I am in life.

  • I am a wife to a man who also is my best friend. We like being together, doing stuff together that only makes sense to us. We like a lot of the same things but also, have varied interests that are our own. We don’t pretend to agree on everything but we do, absolutely, believe in the real, true things that matter most – like God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and who we are because of the Word. We have FUN together and we love the adventure we’ve shared so far.
  • I am a Mom to 4 grown kids. They are now some of my best friends. We share memories that are unique to us and can share stories that no one else can understand. I am proud of all my kids and their spouses. They are some of the coolest people I have ever met and I have met 1,000s of folks.
  • I am a Grandmother. I have three of most beautiful Grands in the whole wide world. I love spending time with my little wonders – they are like walking treasures. I am thrilled with the role of being Grammy to these precious ones.
  • I am a sister. She and I are all that’s left of the nucleus that was our family. Dad, Mom and the middle Sis have died and there’s just us two. There are just a few of the Aunts left out of twenty uncles and aunts I had when I was a kid. Practically a whole generation is gone. I was one of the youngest of the cousins so, many of them are gone too.

All this shows you I am ‘getting on’ in age but, I wouldn’t wish to be younger – not for a second. I believe I am the perfect age to begin now.

NOW just may be your perfect time too.

perfect age to begin