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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Every home business, irregardless as to whether it is a network marketing business or a gardening venture or arts and crafts studio takes teamwork … people working together

  • to get the job done,
  • get the word out,
  • move the product and
  • make a profit.

I am a part of a fabulous team – men and women who give of themselves to help the individuals on their teams be successful. This is a group of leaders with servant-hearts. They have dedicated themselves to removing obstacles and providing opportunities for advancement and growth to those who look up to them. They are role models. They ask the same of us. They ask the same of me.

I’m ready to do this.

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The Package

Well, yesterday was a special day for me – I had a business meeting with my daughter and another young lady (one of her best friends, who I’ve known since was a little pre-school tyke) and we got to have our meeting via phone while I sat outside with this as my view …


My everyday sidekicks were nearby …



   One of coolest things to share in my business meeting was this

003Yep, as I walked out my door, on my porch was propped My New Business Kit!! Hooray!! now I have more tools to work with and have something physical in my hands that represents