Precious Stones

The levels a person rises to in It Works are represented by precious stones. After Executive come Ruby, then Emerald and at last the Diamond. The Diamond goes through five levels – Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple, Presidential and then at last Ambassador.

I am not a precious stone person. I don’t have an engagement ring – didn’t want one. And except for 2 peridots (my birthstone) I have no precious stones to my name. I like funky, cute jewelry but nothing expensive.

Now, however, I am desiring these stones – well, at least what they represent. The other night I dreamed about Ruby slippers … which took me to the Emerald city and I was in the search of Diamonds!

ruby slippers

emerald city

diamond yes

Another way to think about these precious stones is that they, along with pearls, are talked about as being in Heaven … now, that is another desire I have! To one day reach those Pearly Gates!

Well, back to now – as in my business and the next steps … I am aiming for Executive currently and I know Ruby is not far ahead. I am excited about what is to come. And guess what? I’d love for YOU to join me … in this quest of fine, precious stones in the here and now and in the hereafter; won’t you come along? It’s a crazy, exciting, and fulfilling journey. I’m having fun and would love the company.



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